Saving life Super Proactive
Establishing proactive healthcare through an ingenious
doctor-centric patient care suite
The myFHB and goFHB app suites provide rich teleconsultation and patient engagement solutions, delivering personalized and proactive patient care.
Progress with Research & Intelligence
Transforming healthcare through actionable intelligence
Seamless digitization of hospital records and patient data enables actionable clinical intelligence leading to holistic healthcare-IT innovation.
Champion Innovation
Innovation culture delivering disruptive health-tech solutions
Decades of intense health-tech research brings a culture of freethinking innovation that consistently delivers futuristic care solutions.


QurHealth is a healthcare data management organization with a focus on delivering innovative Healthcare IT solutions across the broader healthcare ecosystem. Built and owned by Ventech solutions, QurHealth provides holistic IT-healthcare offerings touching several healthcare players, including care providers, payers, patients, and researchers.


A globally trusted Health Data Aggregator for improved quality of care, clinical research and Saving Life Super Proactive.

At QurHealth, we focus on creating a holistic healthcare ecosystem, constantly reimagining doctor-centric patient care solutions with built-in capabilities for predictive outcomes using cutting-edge tools and technologies in data analytics, AI, ML, NLP, and DNN for Saving Life Super Pro-Active.


QurHealth Playbook

An IP led voice AI/ML and IoT Health data company with security,
compliance and trusted access for payers, providers, patients and researchers.

A snapshot of QurHealth

A hub for demonstrating innovative Proof of Concepts (PoC), we anchor our work over Rapid Application Development (RAD) to quickly build functional prototypes to analyze and iterate technical feasibility and business applicability.

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Free Thinkers
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Product Innovations
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AI-based Health Assistant "Sheela"
Society matters

Corporate Social Responsibility

To make the world a better place, technology alone wouldn’t suffice. QurHealth is a people-centric organization that believes in sharing and caring. The company has an active CSR wing to work with the underprivileged and the needy, apart from initiating green efforts that safeguard nature.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

A day well spent with the inmates from HOPE Charitable Trust and sponsoring their basic needs.



We take time out of our routines, to visit the elderly and differently-abled to extend our support for them.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

We collect and share financial aids to support various social causes and disaster-relief initiatives.
Process-oriented approach

Quality Guaranteed

As an ISO-certified Research Organization, we are thoroughly driven by a process outlook at all levels. Apart from in-depth know-how in health-tech, we take pride in being steadfast in meeting regulatory and safety compliance measures. A process-oriented work ethos is one of the paramount for QurHealth’s continuous growth and accomplishments.